HD video, stereo sound, 38 minutes 50 seconds

Well is a video shot down a man-made, massproduced concrete well of the type that is used to access our below-ground infrastructure, the mass of pipes and cables without which we would be helpless. Looking down, though, with a pool of water at the bottom reflecting the light from above and the sound of water dripping, the space becomes a cathedral or an untouched natural cave – depending on your inclination and interpretation. As we pass further beyond the industrial age the boundary between us, the natural environment and our growing mountains of scrapped and outdated gadgets becomes ever less distinct. Passing through the exhibition with its hypnotically repetitive images and overlapping soundscapes we end up in a meditative space, a man-made oasis of the mind where dripping water seems to offer a way back to a more natural space, a redemption of sorts.

Text by Jón Proppé, on the video work Well (2016).

Exhibition History
Sigurður Guðjónsson
2 September – 22 October 2016
Berg Contemporary