HD video, stereo sound, 4 minutes 48 seconds loop.

In the video “Sleep” Sigurdur Gudjónsson imagines a common, urban landscape, a big garage, where a repetitive and hypnotic leitmotif overlaps to the rhythm of drops of water falling to the ground: like a record player that plays memories belonging to another time and place.
Concrete and rusty, rough and broken sounds bring the spectator to another dimension and create a trance that tastes of melancholy.
In this constant and tireless plea, the spectator finds memories from the past and present as if in an induced hypnotic state.

Exhibition History

Oct 7 2011. Frankfurter Kunstverein, Sigurdur Gudjonsson: Video Screening
27 may – 27 June 2010 Alessandromarenaproject, Turin, Italy (solo show)
14 July 2010 Whirlpool (Screening ) presented by Kling & Bang
9 December 2010 Fotogalleriet, Oslo (Screening ) Nordic Art Express
17–19 February 2011 Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm (Screening ) Nordic Art Express
24 February 2011 Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen(Screening ) Nordic Art Express
2011 Video seminar at the National Film School of Lodz, Poland (Screening ) Nordic Art
30 April – 1 May 2011 at Trajector Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium (Screening ) Nordic Art Express